Zoo Boise Conservation Fund

Zoo Boise is expanding its focus towards conservation - from not only caring for the animals within zoo grounds, but towards helping animals in their natural environments.  This is in response to the growing extinction crisis that threatens some of the world's most famous inhabitants within the next 50 years.  This includes such species as rhinos, tigers, gorillas, pandas, Asian elephants, chimps and countless others.  We must act on their behalf.

For Applicants

To do this, Zoo Boise has created the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund.  Designed to support conservation programs in Idaho and around the globe, the fund focuses on projects that help protect animals found at Zoo Boise or in our Master Plan.  Revenue for the fund comes from a 50¢ fee included in admission prices and a $5.00 fee included in membership prices.  Zoo Boise was the first zoo in the country to create such a program. 

Where does the money go?  We accept project proposals from conservation organizations around the world.  Proposals are required to involve species found in Zoo Boise’s Master Plan. Projects considered for funding should involve at least one of the following issue areas:
  • Habitat restoration
  • Wildlife conservation and management
  • Community-based conservation, including eco-tourism
  • Conservation education, including workshops and training
  • Scientific research related to natural history, ecology, habitat, national park inventories or biological assessments, although preference will be given to the other issue areas.  In the past, the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund has not supported dissertation projects.
Who decides where the money is granted? You do! Zoo Boise visitors are able to vote for projects each time they visit the zoo.  In addition, certain wildlife conservation groups have been selected to receive funding from the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund as part of long-term partnerships.