Zoo Boise Reciprocity List

One of the many benefits of being a member of Friends of Zoo Boise is free or discounted admission at more than 100 other zoos across the country. 

Some things you should consider before you visit any other zoo:

  • Zoo Boise participates in the AZA Reciprocal program and follows its guidelines. click here for complete reciprocal list
  • Zoo Boise only reciprocates with other AZA accredited facilities participating in the AZA reciprocal program(with the exception of the Pocatello Zoo).  Not all AZA organizations choose to participate in the reciprocal program.  If you do not see a particular facility listed , you cannot expect to receive free or discounted admission.
  • This list and all discounts are subject to change without notice.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND contacting any zoo you plan to visit before your arrival.
  • The number of visitors admitted may vary depending on the zoo, and is not necessarily the same number covered by your Friends of Zoo Boise membership.
  • Reciprocity covers admission to the main facility on normal business days and hours and may exclude exhibits or events requiring additional fees.
  • You will need to show your Friends of Zoo Boise membership cards and photo ID when visiting other zoos.

  • Are you visiting Zoo Boise from another AZA accredited zoo?
    We gladly offer reciprocal admission to all of the organizations listed below, but you will still be required to pay 50¢ for each person which will go towards the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund.  Also, please note that the list below is our up-to-date reciprocal list.  Even if your AZA zoo has Zoo Boise on their reciprocal list, but it is not listed below, you may be charged full admission price.

    Click here for a list of all facilities participating  in the AZA Reciprocal Admissions Program.  If not otherwise noted, reciprocity covers the full price of admission and is valid through December 31, 2013.
    Zoo Boise reciprocates at the membership levels whcih we offer for purchase. Free guest passes will not be accepted.

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