Penguin Exhibit Closure
The penguin exhibit will be closed starting Tuesday, June 23 and will remain closed for at least two weeks.
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Zoo Boise Announces Birth of Red Panda Cubs

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Butterflies in Bloom Returns
One of Zoo Boise’s most popular exhibits ever returns this weekend! Butterflies in Bloom will open on Sunday, June 1 and stay at Zoo Boise through Labor Day.
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Wallaby Joey Springs into Zoo Boise
Spring has sprung at Zoo Boise in the form of a wallaby baby! The joey has recently made its appearance in the zoo’s Wallaby Walkabout exhibit.
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Zoo Boise is Sad to Report Death of Amur Leopard
Zoo Boise is saddened to report that Nadia, the zoo’s Amur leopard, was euthanized on March 17. Nadia’s health had quickly declined in the last few days and she had not responded to veterinary treatment.
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Zoo Boise Announces Birth of Giant Anteater
Zoo Boise is happy to announce the birth of a giant anteater pup. The female baby was born December 8 and is now starting to venture outside with her mother, Gloria.
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Zoo Boise Announces Contest to Name Baby Patas Monkeys
Zoo Boise is please to give the Treasure Valley community a chance to name the two patas monkey babies born in October at the zoo.
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