Zoo to You Outreach

Can you not come to the zoo?  We can bring the zoo to you!  These interactive 1 hour presentations are designed for 1 classroom of up to 30 students.  Each program includes activities, artifacts and live animals (when available).

Each program, listed below, has been aligned to the Idaho State Standards.  Zoo to You Outreach will visit schools within 50 miles of Zoo Boise (less than 1 hour of driving time). There is a minimum requirement of 20 students and a maximum of 30equired. Pre and post-visit activities are available for some programs.

Cost: $2.00 per student or FREE (see special below)

Free to Treasure Valley school teachers who take an active part in evaluating
Science in Action Curriculum lesson. By conducting at least two lessons from Science in Action with your students and providing written evaluations you will receive on Zoo-to-You program free of charge! this opportunity is available to 75 classrooms on a first-come-first-served basis through March.

To schedule a Zoo to You Outreach, send an email or call 608-7742.

Zoo to You Outreach Program Topics
  • Kinderzoo (Grades preK - Kindergarten; ages 3 - 5)
What makes animals different from each other? Students will be introduced to different animal groups and will learn one distinguishing feature of each group. They will explore artifacts for each group, participate in movement activities, and meet & touch representatives of at least three of the following animal groups: Insects/Arthropods, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals.

  • Jeepers Creepers (Grades Kindergarten - 2nd)
Why are insects, spiders, snakes and amphibians considered “creepy’? This program introduces the physical characteristics and adaptations of these animal groups, with help from some of the “creepies” themselves!

  • Tropical Rainforest Expedition (Grades 2nd - 6th)
Join your guide on a trip to the tropical rainforest, the home to more than half of the world’s plant and animal species! Students will discover where rainforests are, the biodiversity they hold, and why they are an important resource.

  • Vanishing Species (Grades 5th - 7th)
Why do some animals seem to be vanishing from earth? Discover the reasons why animals are becoming endangered or extinct and how people can influence the future of these animal species.

  • Zoo Careers (Grades 7th - 12th)
Zoos require many different types of jobs to operate a zoo. Who cares for the animals? How does the zoo get funding? How do people find out about the zoo? Who plans zoo expansions? Do artists have a place at a zoo? This program will explore all the different aspects of zoo careers and the requirements necessary for a zoo career.