Special Attractions

At Zoo Boise, we are always working to make the zoo educational, affordable and, most importantly, fun and exciting!  Every year we try to add or update new attractions and experiences. Be sure to visit Zoo Boise often to see what we have in store.

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Dinosaurs - May 1 through September 30

Travel back in time this summer at Zoo Boise when dinosaurs return! As you explore the zoo, you will encounter six animatronic dinosaur exhibits including styracosaurus, ornithomimus and acrocanthosaurus.

You will also be able to take your photo at our special T-Rex photo-op for only $1.  All proceeds will support Zoo Boise's Education and Volunteer programs.

Dinosaurs will be at Zoo Boise May 1 through September 1 and are generously sponsored by:

The T-Rex photo-op is generously sponsorsed by

Butterlies in Bloom

Everyone's favorite exhibit, Butterflies in Bloom, returns for another summer.  You may stroll through a flower filled greenhouse as hundreds of colorful butterflies from Costa Rica fly above and around you.

Butterflies will be flying June 1 through September 1.

Perkins Coie Giraffe Encounters

Open daily, weather permitting.

Have you been dreaming of getting nose-to-nose with a Zoo Boise giraffe?  Here is your chance. From 1:30 - 2:00 pm visitors will be able to feed Julius and Jabari at the Giraffe Encounter!

At the Giraffe Encounter, you'll receive lettuce leaves for only $3. Proceeds from the Perkins Coie Giraffe Encounter go to the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund.

The Giraffe Encounter is generously sponsored by


Intermountain Eye Centers Sloth Bear Encounter

Open daily at 2:30-3:00

Do you know that a sloth bear's favorite treats are bugs?  In the wild, sloth bears are expert ant and termite eaters.  Here's your chance to feed Zoo Boise's sloth bear, Paji, some mealworms through a special feeding tube in the exhibit.  The Sloth Bear Encounter is open daily at 2:30 and up to 25 visitors may participate.

At the Sloth Bear Encounter, you'll receive mealworms for only $3. Proceeds from the Intermountain Eye Centers Sloth Bear Encounter go to the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund.

The Sloth Bear Encounter is generously sponsored by

West Vet Animal Presentation

Open daily, weather permitting.

Animal encounters showcase our education animal collection. The presentation area allows our animal ambassadors to display some of their natural behaviors for the public.
Presentations begin at 11:30am and 2:30 pm daily, animal and weather p

Animal Encounters are generously sponsored by

Zoo Farm

Open year round.

You'll have a chance to get up close and feed the goats, sheep and llamas.  The Zoo Farm is open year round and you are able to feed the animals for only $.25.  All proceeds from the Zoo Farm go to the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund.

The Zoo Farm is presented by our friends at