Zoo Boise Conservation Grants 2014


Every year, Zoo Boise visitors help to raise more than $200,000 to support wildlife conservation projects around the world.  This month, visitors can vote on which projects they would like to fund in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique.

Since 2007, the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund as granted $115,000 to Gorongosa National Park for multiple restoration projects. Starting in 2013, Zoo Boise and Gorongosa National Park formed a long-term partnership. Zoo Boise will begin a capital campaign to build a recreation of Gorongosa at the zoo. As part of that, over the next 10 years Zoo Boise will grant $2 million to the restoration project.

We’ve selected 8 projects, 4 relating to wildlife restoration and 4 to human development needs. 2 projects from each category will receive a grant of $50,000.

Learn more about all of the projects here and then cast your vote!

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