Zoo Boise Remarks Regarding Patas Monkey Case


Today, Michael Watkins was sentenced for the death of Cratey, one of the zoo’s patas monkeys, in November.  Zoo Boise would like to thank the community again for all of their support during this process.  It was a difficult experience for all of us.  We are glad that it is over and are ready to move on.  We hope that we don’t have to go through this ever again.

Incus, DJ and Kibibi, the zoo’s three patas monkeys, are doing well together and we are excited to build a new home for them in the African Plains Exhibit.  Construction will begin next week on the new exhibit, with a planned opening later this summer.

Once again, Zoo Boise wants to thank the City of Boise, the community and all of the zoo visitors for their incredible outpouring of support since November. 

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