Zoo Etiquette

A few things TO DO and a few things NOT TO DO when visiting the zoo

For animal wellbeing, your safety, and common courtesy to other Zoo Boise visitors, please review the following Zoo Etiquette guidelines with your group before visiting the zoo. Before reviewing the guidelines, ask the group to generate their own guidelines to remember while at the zoo.

  • DO have fun!
  • DO remain with your group. All children should be with a supervising adult at all times. We ask for a ratio of one adult to 5 children.
  • DO have a rendezvous point in case you become separated from your group.
  • DO stay on visitor pathways. Keep off of railings and fences! Zoo animals are wild animals, not pets. Their exhibits are designed to protect both you and the animals from harm.
  • DO help us keep the zoo clean by recycling and placing litter in trash receptacles.
  • DO understand that animals need rest, privacy and protection from extreme temperatures just like humans. Many animals have off-exhibit areas and may not always be available for viewing. Check back later in the day.
  • DO respect all zoo animals (including people!) and zoo property. You will have a better chance of seeing animals up-close by showing respect in the following ways:
      • DO give an animal space. Some animals (ducks, geese, guinea fowl, etc.l) roam free on zoo grounds. Please do not get too close or attempt to touch them because it may frighten them and then they will run away from you or possibly become aggressive.
      • DO stand still and look around closely for a few moments at an animal exhibit. You will be able to get a closer look at the animal than if you approach it quickly or make sudden movements.
      • DO use conversation voices rather than loud yelling voices. Loud voices may frighten the animals and they will remain in their dens until the loud noises stop.
      • DO NOT tap on the exhibit windows. The exhibits are animal homes and tapping on the windows may frighten or upset the animal.
      • DO NOT throw any object (including food or coins) into animal exhibits. The animals are on diets made specifically for their nutritional needs. Any food not given approval by the zookeepers may make the animal sick. Other objects, such as coins or pencils, may cause injury to the animals.
      • DO NOT bring skateboards, bikes, roller blades or pets into Zoo Boise.
You and your group will be asked to leave Zoo Boise if you do not follow these guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your day at Zoo Boise!